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A battle calculator (or bcalc) is a tool used to calculate the outcome of a Planetarion battle given the details of that battle, like ships, roids structures, value and score. It is used especially often when battles are hard to predict, such as when the opposing sides both have multiple fleets and many different ships.


Battle calculators have existed since round 1, the most widely used being called simply battlecalc which was a downloadable application. Round 2 introduced much more complicated combat rules which lead to a delay before the first round 2 battle calcs appeared. The two most notable were PAC, created by dubious of NewDawn, which was a java applet and an offering by Wolfpack which was a webform. PAC first introduced the ability to paste scans into the battlecalc to enter fleet and roid numbers.

The first public web-based battle calculator was written by Joror, and then later updated by Gnome King. Introducing PaX, those battle calulators were no longer usable, and a new one was written by Blazde based on the originals by the above two.

Since round 30, Planetarion has an in-game bcalc, which over the next few rounds slowly superceded the community-provided bcalcs.


Official Planetarion bcalc