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Current: Round 53

Round 53 signups opened Friday, 2nd August at 20:00 GMT and the round started Friday 6th September 2013

Signup here.

To mark the new beginning of Planetarion, we are announcing a galaxy banner and graphics competition. There will be two categories:

Galaxy Banner We are looking to replace the replace the default galaxy banner image. The images must be 500 pixels wide by 375 high. The winning entry will see his logo as the default galaxy banner next round.

Graphics We are looking for graphics to use on our Facebook page, and also for use of advertising.

Competition details -The entries will be judged by the PA Team. -The graphics must be original, and Planetarion-related. -The submission needs to include the original source file (PSD or similar), in case we need to modify the graphics in the future. -You must be willing to assign copyright to us. -Credits will be awarded for the top 3 entries as follows: First Place: 3 credits Second Place: 2 credits Third Place: 1 credit

Please email your entries to [email protected] with your entries, including "Banner" or "Graphics" in the subject line. Multiple entries are allowed. The competition is open until Friday, 18th October, so get designing!



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News / Soapbox

JBG 21:16, 12 December 2010 (GMT) A quick update on the most recent rounds then as I couldn't be fucked with more lengthy ones anymore. Round 35 saw the majority of the remainder of Ascendancy which was still actively playing fold into Apprime. As a result Apprime was far more active than its main contender, an expanded Euphoria. A block attempt was made by Euphoria, CT, ND and DLR but Apprime were able to get allies such as p3nguins, VisioN and ODDR on their side. You could describe what ensued as a slaughter but that would imply that there was something on the other side to slaughter. Apprime dominated the top planet and galaxy ranks with Cardinal's galaxy finishing #1 and Benneh finishing with the top planet.

Round 36 saw Ascendancy re-emerge as a possible contender, with most of their player shifting back from Apprime. Although these two were seen as the two most likely winners the round saw first ND and then VisioN at #1. There were few enough wars worthy of the name and after some random faffing around between Apprime, Ascendancy, DLR and VsN the round seemed to be winding down towards a fairly boring conclusion. ND hadn't bothered attacking VsN when they overtook them for the top spot and with less than 2 weeks to go in the round the only noise around the universe was the sound of everyone snoring. A group of alliances, mainly led by Asc and CT, got together to twat one of the top galaxies, 8.3, containing agar3s, cardinal, reese and eksero among others. The gal hopped off into vacation mode for various confusing and slightly bizzare reasons. This led to a focus of hostility towards Apprime and the roiding of nearly all of their top planets before the round finished. The new public galaxy system, public gals being a lot larger than private, helped 8.9, CT dominated, to the #1 spot. Planet wise the round was won by dedin of Asc, aided in this by a huge number of Asc planets backstabbing Vision and mass launching on Dimentus, VsN's #1 planet contender. on the final day.

Round 37 became a block war early on. Osiris went into the round extremely hostile towards Apprime and slowed their growth down straight off. Evolution went to #1 and, concerned by this situation, Asc and ND joined Apprime to target Osiris and Evolution, who in turn brought in CT to even the numbers. After a while of this the Asc/ND/App block looked to be winning. However ND were pissed off at Apprime for being unreliable jackasses it was impossible to work with. They joined the other side and Apprime got murdered. Ascendancy meandered around roiding noobs while this happened and woke up to find themselves #1. Apprime, annoyed at Ascendancy's unwillingess to deNAP ND and/or attack one of the others without Apprime help, joined Evo/Osiris and CT to take down Ascendancy. Asc lost roids like they were trying to give them away and #1 soon looked very unlikely. Apprime now had their chance but got hit briefly and put up about as much resistance as a wet paper bag. The round looked to be in the bag for ND but Evo, together with osiris and App, hit ND heavily for the last week and, almost miraculously managed to overtake them on the last day of the round. Numerous small events led to this but perhaps the most amusing was Dunkelgraf's decision to join Evo on the final tick, with his score responsible for pushing them ahead of ND. Bluearmy of Ascendancy, managed to stay #1 due to being so staggeringly far ahead by midround even losing 80% of his roids couldn't drop him back far enough. #1 galaxy was another public gal, mostly consisting of CT and Asc planets.

Round 38 saw a new arrival on the scene in NFI. They proved very active and beat Apprime comfortably early on. Asc tried to start a war against them but they sucked badly and NFI NAPed most of the active universe and in response. Round 38 was over before you could say antidisestablishmentarianism. An ND, one of the alliances napped by NFI, planet finished #1 despite NFI attacking him in the last week. The top galaxy was apparently 13:3, of whom I remember absolutely nothing.

Round 39 was quite possibly worse than Round 38. NFI disbanded and Apprime stopped being shit and beat up on Ascendancy early on. New boys Imperia ran around like a headless chicken on LSD and ended up NAPing Apprime. This really is all that happened alliance wise for the whole round. Top galaxy was Apprime dominated 7:6, who I don't think received serious incs for the entire round. Top planet was a race between Hasu of Imperia and Henrik of Apprime. Numerous planets donated their fleets to both players and Hasu managed to win this, er, "competition". Facing into Round 40 the only thing PA players can say is surely the next round won't be as bad as the last two...

Can it?

Theamion 12:30, 13 Januari 2010 (GMT) Januari 2010. Who would've thought. Planetarion is still alive and somewhat kicking. Since jer's last update Planetarion has been playing roughly with 1.5k planets each round, drawing out of a pool of 2-2.5k players. Round 35 has just started with the same people who dominated the last 9 rounds playing together.

Round 25 was won alliancewise by New Dawn, with Elviz adding another planet win (he would also win round 30) for Conspiracy. Round 26 was won by Ascendancy under the tag STOOMTHEREVIVAL, while NoX had a planet win with Cronix. The galaxy rankings were dominated by Ascendancy controlled fortress galaxies, while the round ended in time for the NoX flagship planets to make it. Denial was early on a very dominant force, but with combined efforts and some self footshooting, they ended up 2nd. Round 27 would be their revenge, with Ascendancy playing on their level, but with emo-ing going on and half the universe gunning for Denial, Denial managed, (although some say through factors they did not control) to win the round with less the 1 million margin over Conspiracy and just 4 million margin over Ascendancy. The unlikely planet winner of this round was Linkie`, who to almost everyone is known as the casual community player, but actually put in effort this round and was greatly helped by others setting up attacks for him and on his biggest opponents. Galaxy win was for Cardinal's galaxy.

Round 28 was assumingly JBG's last round (oh how wrong we were) and Ascendancy set out to make the biggest win ever. Crushing their opposition (mainly CT and ND) Ascendancy won with a landslide. All the top galaxies were Ascendancy controlled or the score came from the Ascendancy planets in that galaxy. Almost double the score of the #2 alliance, an almost 200 million score gap, 25 out of the top 30 planets and an average score of the 31st place in the universe (with a 75 player tag, 60 counted) made it almost impossible in sheer terms of numbers to ever improve this.

Ronud 29 started with Denial in a great position. But the combined efforts of various alliances created their downfall. Once again Ascendancy moved in for the win, winning with a 60 million score gap, dominating the planet rankings with Sunny winning planet over Achi and with JBG's galaxy firmly winning the galaxy rankings. This made Ascendancy win 3 out of the last 4 rounds.

Round 30 was supposed to be the last round ever. With Cardinal, Golan and JBG in Ascendancy's leading roles and Wishmaster restarting Omen as their biggest competitor it would be interesting, especially as this round would last 10 weeks. Ascendancy once again, as in all previous rounds, created fortress galaxies by timed exiling, and DLR did the same with one galaxy, who would be in the top 10 all round. Ascendancy had a rough start with Omen and CT hitting them from the word 'go', but Ascendancy proved to be a tough nut to crack and with CT's erratic focus and constant hits on Omen. CT proved to be unreliable and at some point it was just Ascendancy vs. Omen where Ascendancy came out on top. A combined effort by the universe in various ways was made, but did not last long enough for Ascendancy to be defeated or overtaken by someone else. Not only due to the sheer military efficiency of Ascendancy, but also due to political trickeryAscendacy forum post. The last thing is something Ascendancy got more and more forum attention for and people watching Ascendancy critically. Ascendancy won the round as an alliance, with Elviz winning the top planet and a fenced galaxy winning the galranks. To also dominate that, the round did not last long enough.

Round 31 saw xVx with the lithuanians under Cardinal (who moved out of Ascendancy because he could not get his lith BG in) move into the top spot early on, with the rest of the universe hitting Ascendancy. Due to a deal with xVx and Ascendancy, xVx stopped hitting Ascendancy and Ascendancy simply defended their incomings while outroiding xVx. Santacruz managed to win the planetrankings for xVx, with achi coming in second. An Ascendancy/xVx fortress galaxy won. This was also the second round Ascendancy played with a 'fun' tag, TOOT THE ALLIANCE. This was Ascendancy's 4th win in a row, and 5 out of the last 6 rounds.

Round 32, Ascendancy, seeing once more as a big contender, purged their community and played with a very small tag. Cardinal created Apprime (where a lot of exile's form Ascendancy went too combined with a lot of players that Ascendancy defeated in the previous 4 rounds) and Apprime won the round deservedly. However, Ascendancy's choice for terran fortress galaxies and their lateround napping of Apprime ensured a galaxy and planet win for Ascendancy. With Ascendancy having the top 4 planets, and all first 5 planets were from the same galaxy.

Round 33 Ascendancy played with a full tag and took on Apprime. While Ascendancy had fortress galaxies, Apprime was more spread out and Ascendancy had the advantage of being almost 100% Xan. With the stats of that round it meant that they could virtually roid anyone. Playing a good round, Ascendancy moved into the lead never to give it away. Although there was continuous fighting throughout the round, Cardinal at some point thought it was a lost cause, started kicking players and this essentially sealed the roundwin for Ascendancy. A non Ascendancy galaxy won the round and Reese won the planetrankings, with her crew running the #2 galaxy (#1 galaxy last round).

Round 34 saw the departure of Golan and JBG from Ascendancy and with other players who were usually influential (Benneh, Achi, rasputin) Ascendancy was somewhat lesser then the round before, while Apprime improved itself. The universe quickly went hitting Apprime as they got roids fast. Apprime, like Ascendancy, was situated in3 fortress galaxies, with the rest of their players (only a handful) scattered out. Ascendancy and Apprime made such a deal that backing out was neigh impossible and stayed allied throughout the round, sharing bookings, intel and defence (out of tag when possible). The interesting thing of this round was that the opposition consisted of a block of 6 alliance (of which Euphoria and DLR were the core) who consistently hit (with only a few exceptions where one or two of those 6 alliances opted out to go newbie roiding) Apprime, Ascendancy and later on VisioN who allied with both. The galaxy rankings in the end were dominated by these 3 alliances. A galaxy who started the round with a mix of Subh, Vision and Ascendancy, won the round. Mostly thanks to the Subh planets joining Apprime midround, meaning they had virtually no incs all round. They were closely followed by 4 out of 6 fortress galaxies, controlled by either Ascendancy or Apprime. Wishmaster, who started as Subh in the winning galaxy, won the round as a planet. Wishmasters main competition was Pablitem ,who benefitted from large amounts of escorts from his gal, and with about 10 days left of the round, Pablitem's planetwin seemed inevitable. Wishmaster gave up the roidrace and tried winning by stealing a xan fleet with his thieves, of which he succeeded and catapulted himself to a safe victory.

So from r26 to round 34 this makes for: 1 Denial win, 2 Apprime wins and 6 Ascendancy wins.

jerome` 16:00, 8 January 2007 (GMT) First news post since round 19, and we're a few days away from Round 25 beginning. Nice. A quick summary of the last few rounds: Round 20 was the introduction of 'eitrades' as a race to PA. Politically the round was contested by Vengeance, strengthened by the inclusion of the gosu bg and 2 newly formed alliances Conspiracy and Destiny. All three allies proved to be mediocre, with VGN and Destiny sacrificing a lot of their score in their battle to hold #1 planet (Caj of Destiny and Agony of VGN/Gosu were the main players); however hilariously neither won. Ascendancy organised a more or less murderous raid at Caj's galaxy with the help of Omen and New Dawn and the roid loss set Caj on a frenzy which ended up with him directly attacking Agony, who had him fleetcaught with the help of gosu. Agony's own fleet was involved in the fleetcatch but he pulled from landing in order to save score. Little realising he'd actually pulled into uncovered incoming that set his own fleet back a few million score as well. Paving the way for Ascendancy members to hold all of the top 4. Conspiracy Theory enjoyed this self-destruction too as it more or less set them on a clear path to victory.

Round 21 marked the return of WolfPack who had a more or less uncontested round. Interesting part of this round was the rise of Ascendancy playing for value widespread with great success, with 3 top 5 planets in Kileman, JBG and jerome`. They consolidated themselves into 4 main galaxies (2:4/2:7/9:2 and to a lower extent 15:8) and dug themselves in. This was rather helped by the race of ETD proving to be more or less unroidable this round. One controversy regarding this round was Greenhills being donated many a million through a collected effort by his galaxy that pumped him over Kileman into first place for his second planetary win. Some saw this one up manship characterised by Ascendancy themselves as entirely justified and it was indeed acknowledged as such by many known Ascendancy members. Kileman however, wasn't quite happy (understandably) and has quit PA since this event.

I'm going to have to skip over Round 22 and 23 as I didn't play either. However both were key in the rise of Transcendancy, a channel for free scans and previously, free intel too. Achilles led this revolution against PA MHteam's fairly ridiculous stance on support planets which has now been somewhat recitified. Round 24 saw the first long-awaited win for New Dawn as an alliance. Other contendors were Conspiracy who ended a whisker away from winning their second round and the battlegroup-now-turned alliance Urwins from "old" PA. R24 was also the second round in a row where clear run away winning planets had their leads overturned with healthy sizes of incoming. R23 saw Fenix's apparently maniacal lead murdered and r24 had Ronin and jerome` who were both over 1mil value ahead of every other planet at tick 600, struck repeatedly until the 5:4 planets overtook them. 5:4 employed a strategy somewhat similar to Ascendancy's of r21 in terms of consolidating galaxies with the emphatic fortress race that was the xandathrii for this round. They were also capable of "playing politics" (lol) and this led to the largest gap of victory for a gal since 6:10's or round 14. That covers enough for now.

Squidly 04:51, 28 November 2006 (GMT) Whoa nelly! Speaking of round-altering events, check this one out! Exilition has apparently merged with their out of tag members Nihilum and have now taken the lead by about 4 million points. Angels and Omen, both under duress due to member/officer activity dropping off did a severe clearing of their member base and have merged into Furious Omen. NewDawn has taken third place, with tides of fire and vision rounding out the top 5. The war is on now, and the race to see if anyone can catch eXilition is on.

Squidly 15:38, 16 November 2006 (GMT) Round 19 is starting to wind down, with a little less than 4 weeks to go. As it stands right now, there's been a great deal of rivalry going on between two main blocks. It would appear that Post|Mortum unfortunately had to disband, but did a last minute save with vision by merging. Angels have recruited ToF and Vision to their cause, and continue to battle on against the forces of ND, Omen, LCH, and also rumored is exilition at least with one or two of said alliances.

1 NewDawn 38184 79 2,253,266 135,195,962

2 Angels 29572 72 2,075,741 124,544,519

3 Tides of Fire 34048 78 1,967,601 118,056,061

4 Omen 32814 59 1,990,203 117,422,010

5 eXilition 46819 48 2,387,231 114,587,093

6 xVx 31777 68 1,876,223 112,573,407

7 VisioN 29879 74 1,864,532 111,871,925

8 TGV 31477 70 1,629,105 97,746,304

9 [F-Crew] 26322 76 1,468,539 88,112,378

10 Vengeance 18009 49 1,645,166 80,613,167

As it stands now, NewDawn is in the lead with a good chunk of points, followed by angels only 11 million points behind. Angels were the victims of a severe butt-kicking earlier this month, but seem to have recovered from it fairly nicely. Tides of Fire have made a strong showing thus far, kudos to them. Omen, I think has some people including myself, curious. They were at 77 some members about a week earlier, but all of a sudden, it would seem that members are dropping off like flies. Rumor has it that they have a fair chunk of members out of tag and are planning on pulling a surprise upset later on. Exilition once against are a formidable force, and the only reason they aren't winning right now in over-all score is because they have half the members of everyone else. I imagine some are still wary if they are going to pull a victory out from underneath everyone, but who knows! xVx, and vision are quite close in score right now, with TGV, F-crew, and Vgn forming the latter of the top 10.

Check out JonnyBGood's god-like round summary over JBG Ftw

Squidly 23:19, 16 October 2006 (BST) Round 19 is underway!

There was a fairly large number of the usual top 10 alliances that decided to tag up late, in the hopes that much of their planet locations were not given away early on. The top 10 is as follows, with rumors that neither omen or exilition have added a fair number of their larger members into the tag.

1 Angels

2 Tides of Fire

3 NewDawn

4 Post|Mortum

5 VisioN

6 xVx

7 Subh

8 [F-Crew]

9 Vengeance

10 eXilition

Good luck to everyone this round, and may the best planet win!

Squidly 10:05, 7 September 2006 (BST)

Well, Round 18 has come to a close, and some congratulations are in order!

First up, to eXilition, who ran rough-shod over the rest of the competition, beating out second place Omen by over 100 million points.

Secondly, to the galaxy of 7:5, who had a fairly extensive lead over the second place galaxy of 12:2. Looks like that was a fight to the bitter end.

And finally, well done to Almeida (2:7:9) who was the winner of Round 18! Well played by him!

A list of final rankings will be posted up as soon as I possibly can... Stay tuned!

Squidly 16:31, 25 July 2006 (BST)

Round 18 is now part way through, and we're at tick 428. Many alliances have now shown their true colors, and the rankings are as follows.

1 eXilition 34103 65 585,281 38,043,295

2 Subh 23701 63 508,140 32,012,845

3 1up 24050 59 532,948 31,443,987

4 Omen 22651 64 450,531 28,834,025

5 ROCK 18201 66 406,916 26,856,508

There has been a fair bit of [1]controversy as of late, involving both 1up and exilition again. The common theory right now is that exilition have been using out of tag planets as sole covert operations planets in order to hit 1up constantly. Some argue that everything is fair in love/war, whilst some others say that it provides an unfair advantage. Others are trying to slam 1up with being deceitful and manipulative, and putting forth their own support planets via a few of them who are suspected to not be in the tag as of this time.

430ish ticks in, and already things are heating up! I will throw out a 'well done' to ROCK here, as they've made a great showing thus far with their 5th place ranking. Subh as usual are showing what they can do, standing nicely at 2nd. Omen having grabbed a few of the TGV regulars after losing a few of their old exilition players are doing nicely at 4th, and 1up are still hiding a few of their members at third.

Have a good round everybody :D

Round 18 is now underway! We're at tick 54, and although rankings don't mean much right now, here you are! As it stands right now, Subh is in the lead, followed by Omen, ROCK, xVx, and F-Crew

Good luck to everyone, in this... The Endless Fight.

  • killaH 18:38, 20 June 2006 (BST)

Round 17, which finished recently, had the following winners:

Top 3 Planets:

  1. 1 7:1:6 elviz 1up
  2. 2 7:2:8 Tearz SiN
  3. 3 16:9:8 Caj Omen

Galaxy: 7:1

Alliance: 1up

  • Lok 23:30, 18 April 2006 (BST)

Tick 98 and Round 17 of Planetarion begins in earnest with the first few launches as the round is in its infancy. My choice of favourites would be NewDawn, Omen, 1up (currently untagged) and Angels. However, Insomnia and Howling Rain have also got off to a strong start, although we're still at early doors. Last round's winners, Ascendancy have got off to a slow start but as we all know to them success is a journey, so why bother running. Time will tell if they're to repeat their feats of last round.

  • Furball 18:25, 14 February 2006 (GMT)

It's tick 430 and the round has been going for 2 and a half weeks. 1up are first, followed by an energised Subh and NewDawn. By far the most exciting news has been Angels purging itself of 19 members in an effort to clear inactives; in so doing, they have dropped from 3rd to 9th. Taking the greatest advantage of this are Vengeance and TGV who cement places in the top 5, although LCH are hot on TGV's tail. The other suprise is Dingo's holding of the #1 planet rank for a few days, based on a XP-whoring tactic.

  • Banned 09:15, 30 January 2006 (GMT)

With protection drawing to an end, Alliance Discussions rejoices at the return of Quha. XtoTheZ has also made a highly surprising and totally unexpected announcement stating that Elysium have returned to play round 16. With a dozen alliances closing on the limit of 50 planets, it looks like there will be a competitive playing field with many outsiders looking to take on the favorites, 1up and Angels.

  • Furball 00:15, 3 January 2006 (GMT)

eXilition wins Round 15, defeating NewDawn who take second. Angels unsuprisingly end 3rd, while LCH pip 1up to fourth. Subh, VGN, TGV and F-Crew bring up the rear.