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Sovereign (IRC Nick)//Ultimate Newbie (Forum Name) started playing Planetarion in early 2000 - partway through Round 3. Under the tutlage of Tactitus and riposte, I quickly took an interest in designing fleets that were the most efficient and effective and from there soon took to designing my own Ship Stats for repeated rejection by Spinner et al :). After their departure, i was promoted to help at0mic.c0w moderate the Strategy Forum - i am privileged to be their protege :). In addtion to my role as a Strategy Moderator, at the beginning of R13 i also joined the #Support crew lemming, to continue helping those people new to the game and otherwise having problems. At the departure of Ice-Lady for health reasons, i also took up the role of the Planetarion Help Desk Moderator to futher my altruistic side and further the general knoweledge of strategy throughout the universe. Halfway through R15, i was also accepted into the #Planetarion ops crew, along with highly statured figures such as Phil^, Mushroom and Squishy; where i patrol the late night/early morning GMT due to my favourable Australian timezone :P. Halfway through R16 (which i was intending to sit out), i did not join the Multihunter Team under Assassin, as Jolt lost my NDA. Such silliness!

About Me

My name is Kirby Rourke. I live in Perth, Western Australia, and i am a 20 year old, 6"9' (209cm) cheeky bastard. I am currently studying at Curtin University of Technology, a third-year Bachelor of Commerce (Global Economics) - and strangely enjoying it (except the arduous mathematics units :\ ). Despite PA, i am doing fairly well (Distinction average), and i intend to do Honours as well. After this, i intend to go on a working tour of England - Sooner to the date, i'll try and get word out to my pommy mates and drop in sometime :). I have an arcane interest in Politics (especially for my age), though at present no intention of becoming a pollitician (scum of the earth :P). My music tastes are a bit varied, i like Creed and a smattering of other songs - generally rock ballards but also other things, and i maintain a strange affinity to 80's classics :D.

Alliance History

  • R3: Solo(Newbie) /G-II
  • R4: Crimson Guard (CG:23) - i started my own Parallel alliance in R4 that effectively was below the top tier para alliance but above all of all the others in Para24. We, unsurprisingly, took one hell of a beating but it was a wonderful experience (my first as a DC/HC :D) with a bunch of good mates (such as Expluser) - if you were a member of this alliance, feel free to give me a yell! :) ; also the first time i had ever built over 1 000 000 Spiders (quite handy for defence :)) and i (believe) i finished in the top 1000 which considering the frequency of being attacked was quite impressive i thought!
  • R5: CG:23 occupied two private galaxies, but became entangled in the serious block wars of that round and ended up being food for both sides. This strained us quite considerably such that we disbanded and many people quit playing altogether (which is very unfortunate). Those of you who know me may now understand why i keep insisting that only 1 allaincemember should be in a Buddypack at any one time :) (When BPs consisted of 3 people and 2 BP per gal). I have vague recollections of being in IPC, however i dont really remember any of the people there nor whether it was exactly R5.
  • R6: irr; went Cathaar in the first time that Races were introduced. It was excellent fun, and for a somewhat solo player i did very well right up untill the end of the round when 15k Hydra (anti FR Cruiser) visited my planet and killed most of my Black Widows. Oh how i mourned! :) . This round made me fall in love with Cathaar and even now they hold a soft warm fuzzy place in my heart :). I was in hirr for a very short while (where i learnt my lemming suicide skills), though by the end of the round i had left again (heh).
  • R7: I was largely inactive for this round, and went Zik in a free planet (as my marks at school were dropping and i needed to focus on that work :( ). I had a terrible experience with Zik that round (going from the best initiative to the worst in such a short period of time conflicted with my playing style) and have never since gone Zik. I still hate them ;).
  • R8: Vision; between R7 and R8, i joined Vision with Legator, Myztica, Orlandian, Benneh (<3), and a host of other people who would soon become really good mates with. Vision was a wonderful and fun place to be, and my experience (and 'Night' IRC activity as an aussie :P ) quickly became promoted to a DC position where i excelled. Whilst my planet never ranked all that high (its a DC's duty to suicide self into undefenceable situations to save a mate :) - plus plenty of 3 fleet defending), i still had a really enjoyable time. I still think of myself as a Visionary, and i consider myself very fortunate to have spent so much time with such a caring, funny, lighthearted and quirky group of people. I would like to thank all of you, you made Planetarion fun :).

More alliance info to follow later...

Planets & Co-ords

  • R3: 041:07:21 Cyberian Wolf of Dark Aurora
  • R4: 219:23:15 Sovereign of Dark Aurora
  • R5: 007:20:07 Rogue Sovereign of Dark Aurora
  • R6: 013:04:14 Ultimate Newbie of Dark Aurora
  • R7: 037:04:19 Dazed And Confused of Dark Aurora
  • R8: 024:03:04 Cyberian Wolf of Dark Aurora
  • R9.5 005:09:05 Ultimate Newbie of Dark Aurora
  • R10: 007:02:07 Ultimate Newbie of Dark Aurora
  • R10.5: 021:09:04 Ultimate Newbie of Dark Aurora
  • R11: DNB
  • R12: 024:07:03 Sovereign of Dark Aurora
  • R13: 007:06:11 Sovereign of Dark Aurora
  • R14: 010:08:09 Fading Memories of Past Glory
  • R15: 019:03:08 Absolute Despair of Torn Consciousness
  • R16: 001:01:08 Sovereign of Strategy
  • R17: 001:01:13 Sovereign of Strategy
  • R18: 000:00:00 ?
  • R19: 000:00:00 ??
  • R20: 007:06:01 Timelessness of Forgotten Heroes (almost same co-ords as R13!)
  • R21: 006:06:06 Fading Memories of Imperial Glory (Clearly best co-ords ever ;) )