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The General Discussions forum is the part of the Planetarion Forums where all off-topic discussions not covered by any of the other forums go. While originally Planetarion was one of the main topics on this forum, the later creation of other subforums, most notably Planetarion Discussions, have led to this forum being a more social place than one to discuss the actual game itself. Many of the current regular posters on this forum no longer even play the game, but remain at the forums to keep in touch and discuss a variety of generic topics.

The low influx of new players and forum posters have led to the creation of a more or less secluded community on the General Discussions forum, that may seem somewhat unfriendly and inaccessible to any newcomers. Although certainly a large amount of in-jokes are common on the forum, there is no actual hostility to anyone who has something worthwhile to say. Many of the newer posters on the forums have not let the first sight scare them off, and now continue to add something more or less worthwhile to the forums. A number of regulars can be found in the unofficial channel #forums on NetGamers.

The forum is currently moderated by Marilyn Manson and Dead_Meat, with forum admins JammyJim and JonnyBGood both keeping close watch on this forum as well.

Random Information

(The following was added by random posters from General Discussions, and should be taken with a grain of salt.)

Originally created by idimmu back in 1998 after stealing the source code from DM after he was presumed dead, hence his new name, Dead_Meat. There have been numerous sitings of this creature, most notably on the forums. If found, please report immediately to the Butchers Society, Dante's Back Yard, London, W12 B69.

Stolen using a modified astropod by JammyJim whilst idi was protecting his steroids (annabolic of course).

In conclusion, go shag a camel.

~Edited by ~Androme2

ps. Tarantulas Ruled

pps. Silversmoke is a faggot!

General Discussions Regulars

  • Dante Hicks is a rastafarian commie
  • Nodrog is ginger in 360 degrees and in all 4 dimensions
  • Muslim is no longer a virgin yet every female in the world denies this...
  • Gayle30uk is a gay female 30 years of age living in the uk
  • JonnyBGood is Paddy and drunk yet can type fluent English
  • MrL_JaKiri is reading this with a dicktionarary
  • YahweII was Yahwe
  • Phang is a manchild with 2 dads
  • Toccata & Fugue is a cowardly blonde turncoat who didn't take the chance to hit GWB
  • Andrew is a goff
  • Vaio abandoned his cat to the evil ex
  • sword is cool (Is he?)
  • Stew wants a mention
  • Ste Would like to point out he is not Stew
  • Dace likes little girls, especially Japanese school girls
  • Skiddy is one of Phang's dads. On weekends, he's the other one.
  • Leshy attempts to make everyone use Opera
  • Sunday8pm is the only troll ever to fight off a billy goat.
  • Silversmoke likes to emo hard over the opposite sex.
  • Demon Dave is upset because he didn't get a single mention.
  • Weeks is Skeew backwards, he is also a pedant
  • SYMM got a first at university
  • Sniborp is cannon fodder, in every possible meaning of the phrase
  • Deepflow is fond of animal tranquilisers and really quite amiable
  • pig loves sex and aston villa
  • Dead_Meat is old lololololololololololol!!!!!!!1111111223

~Originally Nusselt wrote this & was ~Edited by ~Androme2 ~Edited again by ~ Demon Dave