Ship Attributes

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Every ship has a set of attributes available, commonly referred to as ship stats, or just 'stats'.


The name of the ship.


The class of the ship

T1, T2, T3

The target class(es) of the ship. During multi targetting rounds, ships fire at 100% efficiency at T1, 60% efficiency at T2 and 30% at T3.


The type of the ship. The type can be either Norm, Cloak, EMP, Steal, Pod or Struc.


The initiative of the ship determines when the ship gets to fire.


The number of guns this ship has. For non-EMP ships, this column is ignored. For EMP ships, each gun can potentially freeze one hostile ship.


The armor of the ship decides how much damage it can handle before it is killed or stolen. EMP is not countered by armor but by E/R.


This is how much damage this ship does. One damage can reduce the armor of a hostile ship by one. There is no overshooting. Once a ship has been destroyed, the damage carries over to the next.


How much EMP resistance this ship has. This represents a percentage of EMP guns that can be blocked. An EMP resistance of 80 is equivalent to 1 in 5 guns getting through.

M, C and E

How much metal, crystal and eonium it costs to produce one ship of this type.


Armor / cost * 10000


Damage / cost * 10000


Which race the ship belongs to.

Current ship stats

The current ship stats can always been found here.